10 Songs 10 Days • Creative Music Project

If inspiration was a shape, it would be in the form of 10n10’s music. Lyrically heavy hitting, meaningful, positive, fun, exciting and purpose driven BY design.

10n10 uses partnerships and music to inspire communities to get involved and stay involved. By uniting with existing nonprofits or charity focused organizations already doing amazing things, 10n10 creates opportunities for more funding and more awareness.

In 2009, 10n10 saw Orphans renewed, schools flourish and shelter given in Kenya, Africa.
In 2013, 10n10 took it to the Nation’s Capitol to be inspired on our ‘home turf’ by the Homeless in Washington, D.C.

The future is unknown, but the vision moving forward is clear. Unite with others. Make AWESOME music. Build Community. Raise Awareness. Change will follow.

We unite with an existing nonprofit or charity focused on community progress. Together we can create opportunities for more funding and more awareness.

For 10 days, we immerse ourselves in a community in order to be inspired by what we see, hear, and feel. This is where the inspirations for songs are born and where long lasting relationships are formed.

We work alongside the partner to fully interpret the reason they exist. 100% community awareness and 50% of all profits are returned to the partner.

As people hear the music and identify with the projects associated with each community, it inspires change within them.  They become part of a bigger picture and that picture is something they can have control over.  The more people that hear and share the projects, songs, and messages of each 10N10 idea, the more progress each community can make towards their individual goals.