10 Songs 10 Days DC
Partner: Christ House
Progress: NOW AVAILABLE (purchase on iTunes)
Inspired to Donate: Rally.org/10N10

10 Songs 10 Days DC from Matt Thien on Vimeo.

This year our inspiration comes from a small community in Adams Morgan Washington, DC living out their once numbered days, with hope and perseverance. Its name is Christ House. Its mission is healthcare for the homeless. But the patients who are served there would say it’s much more and so would I. It started over 30 years ago when a homeless man was discharged from a hospital with nowhere to go. It was cold out. He didn’t see the sun rise the next morning. Christ House exists because one person saw a need for change and did something about it.

Help me tell the story of Ervin who re-connected with his daughter after 40 years. Or Fernando who experienced unconditional love after a phone call to his mother revealed she knows the voice of her boy after countless years of substance abuse and homelessness. Backing/buying/listening/sharing this project allows many more stories such as these to be told.

10 Songs 10 Days DC is your chance to impact the over 6,000 people in the Washington DC area that experience homelessness. 50% of all profits go directly to the many incredible programs Christ House is committed to. Healthcare. Recovery Programs. Food. Clothing. Shelter. Community.

Together we choose to make a difference.